This is Halloween

  Happy Halloween!! I know it was almost a week ago but oh well... really it's still halloween until it's thanksgiving. Right? Right!?

I had a really nice halloween this year, I had to work from 1-8:30 which sort of sucked but afterword I went to my friend Lulu's house for a small, wonderful gathering. (Side note, she is an incredible photographer and human, check out her flickr or instagram, you won't regret it <3) We let off a paper lantern together, and while it was in the sky I saw a shooting star; two wishes in one! We talked and laughed and ate gluten free cupcakes (They were perfection) and talked about crystals.

I dressed as a vampire, which I do every year. I used to feel badly about it,  I would try for weeks to get myself to go as something else, and then in the last minute I would always end up a vampire. This year I just embraced it. Which I intend to do every year from now on, until I genuinely get tired of it and want to be something else.

My next year halloween goal is to:

CARVE A DAMN PUMPKIN (I say i'm gonna do it and never do, JADE JUST GET A PUMPKIN. And STAB it. It's not that hard really. GAH)



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