October 2016: Questions

In this series I am going to answer the same questions for a year, and hopefully beyond. Then at the end I’ll be able to see how I changed as a person over that year!

Age? 19
Job? The Putney Food COOP- Grocery 
Where do you live?
In Brattleboro VT, with my mom and dog Buddy
What’s your favorite picture of yourself from this month? 

What’s the best thing that happened?
I moved back to Vermont.

What’s the hardest thing that happened?
I moved back to Vermont.
No but seriously, I am really happy to be back but it's also been a really hard transition. Theres a lot of mixed feelings about it. 
But something else is I was sick for about half of the month of October.

What’s your favorite article of clothing?
It's not really clothing, but I bought myself a Larimar ring that i am absolutely in love with <3

Did you go on any exploring adventures?
Of course!
I went to an apple orchard and explored, and drank delicious apple cider.

Who have you been spending the most time with?
My mom haha and my wonderful coworkers. 

Go-to meal of the month:
Oatmeal with berries, cinnamon, dates, peanut butter, banana and chia seed pudding.

(this oatmeal is a little different cause I ran out of peanut butter)

Best work out/exercise?
I started playing hockey on the women's team in my town and I forgot how great of a cardio workout ice hockey is!!
Ive also been going to the gym.

What are you looking forward to doing next month?

What I'm looking forward to in November, is Thanksgiving and eating yummy food with my family. I'm also looking forward to saving money, so I can get my first tattoo! (that will most likely happen in December though)



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